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廣州大學澳洲校友會是在NSW 合法注册的專業性, 聯誼性的, 非營利的社團組織。

本會的宗旨是聚集在澳洲的廣大校友精英,繼承、發揚母校的優良傳統,增進友誼,利用科技網絡平台, 密切澳洲校友之間以及校友和母校之間的聯繫,加強合作,與母校校友會合作搭建澳中兩地交流橋樑。

Guangzhou University Australia Alumni Association Inc. (Website: agzu.org.au) is non-profit making and non-commercial in nature. It is an inclusive association, warmly open to all China-based alumni who were studied at Guangzhou University or its previous  universities/colleges  or were employed, or is currently studying or employed by Guangzhou University.  It is a professional, recreational and community organisation.


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